Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bow Making Classes

Bows are the must-have accessory for every little girl, and trust me, once she has one, she'll need one to match every outfit she owns!

Learn and make several different kinds of bows and clippies while catching up on some much-needed girl time! Perfect your skills and complete her collection in one or all of the follow-up classes. Bring your own ribbon if you like, or choose from a wide selection of materials available. Bring scissors and a hot glue gun, if you have them.

Classes are on these dates:
Feb 4th - 7pm - Hatch Home (3355 E Hawk Pl)
Feb 11th - 7pm - Hatch Home
Feb 25th - 7pm - Hatch Home

The bows range in price from $1-$2.50 each (depending on size, decorations, fabric used, etc.) Please pay Angelica Hatch the night of each class for the bows you make. Please sign up at church so we can plan on materials needed.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Game Night

We all had a great time visiting and laughing and playing games all night. There was lots of yummy treats too. We missed all of those ladies that couldn't attend and we hope to see you all at the next activity.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Week of Jan 4th - 10th Updates

HAPPY NEW YEAR SISTERS!! Hope 2010 is off to a good start for you!!

~~~A few announcements~~~

WELCOME Minon Francis!! We are so glad you're here!! Can't wait to get to know you better!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO: DeAnn Dunn (10th)

BOOK CLUB Meets this week! (Jan 6th) at 7:00PM at Debbie Kutchinsky's house. 14023 E Appleby Rd. (892-6176)
They are discussing: Lemon Tart (a culinary mystery) and Sister Kutchinsky will be making the lemon tart for all of us to sample! Please come and visit with the sisters, even if you weren't able to read the book!

CANNERY 101 CLASS PART 1 Will be held Tuesday, January 12, at 10:00AM at Jaime Votaw's house. 3617 E Kaibab Pl. (474-4363) This will be part of a multi-part series with classes held on different days of the week, some during the evening hours, and some during the day time. We will be learning about 72 hour kits, food storage, solar ovens, gardening, and bread making (just to name a few)
(PART 2 will be held Thursday, January 21, at 7:00PM also at Jaime Votaw's house.)

RELIEF SOCIETY GAME NIGHT An exciting evening of relaxing fun, getting to know the sisters in our ward. We will be meeting at Renee Griffith's house. 3057 E. Blue Ridge Pl, (636-7441) at 7:00PM. Feel free to bring a munchie to share, and prepare to laugh, visit and get to know the girls!!

MUNCH AND MINGLE (our monthly pot luck lunch) will be meeting on Friday, January, 22 at 11:30AM at Candacy Syphus' house. 4049 S. Mingus Dr. (802-4938) Bring something to share and come eat lunch together! Completely informal, kiddos are always welcome!! :)

PLAY GROUP meets every Tuesday (except during CUSD breaks) at 12:00 noon at Layton Lakes Park (feel free to bring a sack lunch if you want!)

Below is a summary of what Sister Syphus talked about on Sunday per the changes in Relief Society Meetings this year.

Prepare Every Needful Thing.
Every meeting that we have this year is going to be with this goal in mind to help all of us prepare. I will explain more about this in just a minute.

• Last October in the RS General Conference, Sister Beck announced some administrative changes to the RS program. In short we are no longer using the term “Enrichment”. There is no longer an Enrichment night or an enrichment committee. Every time we as sisters meet whether it is on a Sunday or any other day it is considered a RS meeting and we can call it whatever we need to call it. We as a ward Relief Society Presidency are to plan these meetings according the needs of the sisters of our ward. Here is how we are going to implement these changes to our ward.

• 1st We have been asked to keep the announcements and business to a minimum during our Sunday mtg. All of our announcements can be found in the binder/ on our blog/ through our weekly emails/ Sacrament Mtg. papers/ Ward Newsletters/ and on our bulletin board. Please call us if you have any questions!!!

• 2nd Three types of non-Sunday meetings we will be having:
Monthly Informal Meetings, which will generally happen on the same day and time of every month, unless you hear otherwise: Munch and Mingle, Park Day, and Book Club.
Quarterly meetings: Same as we have done for the past several years.
Mini Classes These are meant to be practical and to teach or to train different preparedness themes according to what your needs may be. They will generally take place every other month (but that could change as needed). The classes will take place usually on Thursday evenings and run for 2-4 weeks depending on the purpose.
For example: January, Cannery 101 class and February we are going to learn how to make cute hair accessories from Angelica Hatch. Both of these ideas came from suggestions of sisters in the ward

Additional themes will be: financial/budgeting/coupon clipping/ physical fitness-- fun run/walk event/Cheap cooking ideas/ recipe swaps/clothing swaps/sewing classes …
Please attend what you are able and what interests you. We do not want to waste your time, we want to help you. Please share with us your ideas or interests.

• 3rd Krista Gohus is the Counselor over RS Mtgs/Activities. Her committee will be called the RS Mtg Committee. There are two Committee heads, one responsible for the quarterly activities, and one responsible for the mini-classes. Plus, lots of other wonderful sisters helping out with the many mtgs we have going on.
As the year progresses, we will assess what works and what doesn’t and change accordingly.

Have a wonderful week!!

Cooper 2nd Relief Society