Tuesday, March 2, 2010

72 hour Kits

As a ward or shall we say as a Relief Society we are encouraging all families to have a 72 hour kit for each person in their family. We are going to have a few items that we suggest you purchase or gather for your kits each month so that at the end of the year we can assemble these kits. Each person in the family, young and old alike need their own kit full of supplies. Please watch for the reminders in newsletters, side bar on the Blog here and announcement at church to remind you what you are to be doing each month towards your kits. See below for some pictures and the supply list.

Click on picture of list to blow up and print - Page 1

Click on picture of list to blow up and print - Page 2

What all your supplies will look like at the end of the year for a family of 4, before assembly.

Finished product for 4 people.

Bow Making Class A Success

Our bow making class series was a wonderful success! Thank you so much Angelica for opening your wonderful home to host this class for 3 weeks. I think all those that attended a class had a great time making bows and visiting with each other. Here are a few pictures snapped at one class. Thank you to all that attended and see you at the next mini-class series in April.