Saturday, May 22, 2010

Aloha Cooper Sisters

Aloha sister of Cooper 2nd. There must have been 60+ "8 cow women" at our quarterly Luau party last week. We all ate well and where uplifted my Melinda Crapo's message on self worth and our divine roles as mothers and daughters of God. We sure missed all of the sisters that didn't come but don't worry there will be another party coming up in the Fall.

Kim was picking on Candacy about her ever so stylish green Hawaiian lei and brown shirt.

Rene and her deck of cards, she is trying to get a pick up game of cards on the stairs.

Heather is obviously upset that Rene is playing cards on the stairs again!

Look at the matching lei and outfit Lynlee is sporting, note to Candacy wear green shirt next time.

See Amanda is in the Aloha spirit with that flower tucked behind her ear.

Kim is giving Jodi the scoop on the mismatched lei and outfit Candacy was wearing. Green and brown, what?

Sharon is just dripping with Aloha spirit here and her dessert was sinful!

OK girls, this is taking the Aloha spirit to a WHOLE NEW level! Brave souls!

Dig in girls!

Heather has retreated to her bean bag with a plate of treats.

And last but not least ...... Ahhhhh so cute!

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  1. I am out of town and so bummed I was unable to attend! Looks like a lot of fun, great job ladies!