Monday, August 30, 2010

Dear Adoption Families...

If you or anyone you know are interested in providing a forever family for the children listed below, please contact Alicia Quigley. Thanks for considering adoption!

Alicia Quigley
801-915-0885 cell

Meet Gabriella, Victor, Francisca, and Anthony!

Francisca A. DOB: 3-11-03

Anthony A., Jr. DOB: 10-10-05

Gabriella A. DOB: 07-07-07

Victor A. DOB: 9-23-08

Ethnicity: Hispanic

II. Child Description (describe the child's personality, interests, along with any special needs, i.e. medical, developmental, physical, emotional and psychological.)

Francisca is very an affectionate and sociable child. She loves being around people and sharing things about her day. Francisca enjoys playing with her dolls, singing and playing with her younger siblings. Francisca enjoys doing puzzles and coloring activities. This year she attended 1st Grade in regular classes and advanced to 2nd grade in the fall.

Anthony is described as an outgoing child that loves to laugh. He enjoys puzzles, learning new things and playing with cars. Anthony interacts well with peers and adults. He follows instructions and redirection is not hard with Anthony. Caregivers note that he Anthony is very friendly, likeable and does not shy away from new people. Anthony attends daycare.

Gabriella is very likeable and outgoing, quick learner and enjoys being around peers. She loves playing with dolls and toys that make music. She is not school aged. Caregivers describe her as a happy child, quick learner and can be a little defiant at times.

Victor is a very friendly and happy baby. He enjoys exploring his surroundings and is a quick learner. Victor is not school age and stays home with caregivers.

III. Characteristics of Adoptive Family Desired (describe the type of family best suited to meet the child's needs, i.e. older children, being the only child, family with certain experiences)

The children expressed that they do not want to be adopted by a Hispanic family and prefers a Caucasian family. They would like a family that will adopt and raise them together. They would like a family that loves them and treats them well. The children also express they want a family that goes to church and prays every night. A family that has a clean home and does not spank is also important to them.

The children will thrive in a home where they are the only children or with a few other children. They need consistency, structure and assurance that they are loved. The children respond well to one-on-one attention, so it's important that the parents are patient and can give them individualize attention. They also need to be shown how a healthy and stable family interacts with one another.

The children were formerly part of a sibling group of 6 and are now being adopted seperately.

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