Thursday, September 9, 2010

Exchange Students Need Homes!

Here are a couple of kids who need emergency new homes!

First - Alex from Barcelona, Spain has been living temporarily with my family (Natalie & Dave Whitlock). His original family changed their minds but he already had his school acceptance and his ticket to Phoenix, so he came. We adore him and have NO complaints. Unfortunately, the school insists he reside within their boundaries and we don't... SO, we are desperately seeking a home for him within the Chandler High school boundaries. They want him moved by monday!!

The other student in need is a young lady from Finland, Saara. Her host mom lives in an older home and her bedroom is in the basement. Saara appears to be allergic to the mold/dust there or in some way the environment is making her sick. I was skeptical at first but she's been to the doctor and now again last night, the emergency room. Her sinuses are infected and inflamed and getting worse. Her natural family is very concerned and wants her moved asap. I can't say that I blame them. And frankly, she was going to have to move anyway, as the current host family is loosing their home and moving into an apartment, so better now than later I suppose :) She attends a charter school in Queen Creek but they also bus, so the possible locations where she could live are more flexible.

If you would think on these two situations, spread the word, make a few calls, post to your facebook, or ANYTHING you can do to help find a family (temp or permanent) for one of these students, it would be so appreciated! We've been working on them for days (weeks in the case of Alex) and we're at a dead end... We may also have a girl from South Korea and one from China needing new homes soon too... Most students and their families work out great but there are always a few despite everyone's best efforts that for one reason or another need new homes, and it's obviously a challenge :)

Thanks for your help and we hope to give these kids some good news soon!

Please contact:
Natalie & Dave Whitlock
480-722-1530 home
480-528-8242 cell

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